A story to tell

I tell stories, you just have to read. Be a silent reader, be a vocal reader as long as someone hears me, I'm happy.

My breathing becomes laboured and difficult.
She looks at me weirdly, her face says it all.
I did not belong with them, now they were sure.
My face flushes and hot tears spilled onto my cheeks.
All I ever wanted was acceptance .
The girls are whispering and eyeing me .
I was the lamb among the wolves.

Talking really loudly

I have the tendency to say things really loudly when I get nervous or excited. That, I really hate because most times I’m excited not in the good kinda way but in the ‘dude that’s gross’ kinda way. Therefore, when I shout out my replies it is nothing but embarrassment.

"And hence I state my point." he pressed the button which let out a loud buzz. The audience applauded and some screams of support were heard.
“Rebuttal.” I stepped forward from the host’s voice.
“Good evening, as from your point I find that it was redundant from the theme of this week……” I held my firery gaze into his eye. Speaking clearly and confidently. I swore I saw some stray saliva shooting out of my mouth from my aggressiveness. But I didn’t care, I wanted the trophy too badly. My scholarship rid on it.

His perfect hair, his perfect smile, his perfect style. His aura that warms even the most vile, most cold hearted creature on earth.

She feels as if she’s about to choke from holding back her tears. Her eyes start to water and she’s resisting the urge to just breakdown. She’s so upset her heart feels so broken. Everything seemed to be her fault, the world was pointing fingers at her and she felt so helpless. Vulnerability. She croaked a soft, “I’m okay” to herself but before she could convince herself, the tears had fallen onto her skirt.


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Its a story blog, involving schoollife and romance. Gosh darn its interesting. Go read it and be so damn excited! Annarose and her friends discovering romance and life together.

Yes, don’t play with a girl’s heart as if it’s a toy or a game for you to win. Unless you’re interested in marriage don’t engage in unnesscary dating activities. Don’t kiss without permission, don’t grab as if she’s your’s. Until your wedding night do not have sex, respect her like she’s a separate entity and is not chained to you. Let her be with you through her own will and not by force or bribery.